Month: February 2018

  • Where is the external opening of Branchial cyst present in the neck ? MCQ

    This is a question regarding the external opening of branchial cyst Question: In branchial cyst, the external opening is: a. Lateral pharyngeal wall b. Behind the tonsil c. Lower 2/3rd of neck d. Upper 1/3rd of neck Ans: D upper 1/3rd of neck Explaination : Branchial cysts aka Branchial cleft cysts are congenital epithelial cysts, […]

  • Cochlear Implant MCQ

    Cochlear implant related MCQs are often asked in the boards . The pre-requisites of this type of implant, their real indications and contraindications are a must know, if you want to ace the boards. MCQ on cochlear implant Cochlear implant is to be done if following is intact? a. Outer hair cell b. Inner hair […]

  • Is apo-CIII an LPL inhibitor? Find out more

    Lipoprotein lipase inhibitor or LPL inhibitor is one of the important topics to know if you are a med student. By now most of you might have heard that APO-CII is an LPL activator. But what about LPL inhibitor? Question: Which of the following is an LPL inhibitor? a. ApoA-I b. ApoC-II c. ApoC-III d. […]

  • Do you know how much iron in one pint RBC?

    My friend asked me “Do you know the amount of iron in one pint RBC?”  I had no idea. literally. As I googled, I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer.  I didn’t stop my search for this query and referred standard medicine textbooks, but in vain. I then asked my professor the next day of my […]