Month: May 2020

  • National Trauma Center during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    National Trauma Center is providing its best services even amidst the global COVID-19 crisis. Every patients have been entertained during this lockdown and all health workers are devoted to provide specialized trauma care. What servcies are available at National Trauma Center during this COVID 19 pandemic?  You can expect to get all the services that […]

  • Orthopaedic MCQs: Basic sciences and Anatomy Set 1

    In this post, we present you a list of 25 orthopaedic MCQs. These are actually regarding basic sciences and anatomy Question 1: What are the four joints that have intra-articular components to the metaphysis? a. Shoulder, ankle,wrist and hip b. Hip, elbow, shoulder and ankle c. Knee, hip, elbow and ankle d. Knee, wrist, elbow and […]

  • What is the gene involved in clear cell chondrosarcoma?

    What is the gene involved in clear cell chondrosarcoma? a. USP6 b. PAX3 c. ASPL d. ATF1 [expand title=”Answer” swaptitle=”Close”] Correct answer id D . ATF1 is involved in clear cell chondrosarcoma. EWS is also involved in various forms of chondrosarcoma, which is not the option in the above question USP6 is involved in aneursymal […]