Month: October 2020

  • IPO results of Sanima General Insurance are out: Only 32% get

    The IPO results of Samina General Insurance are out today. The live program did happen today at 8:30 am at the premises of NIC ASIA Capital Limited. A total of 273,000 investors are lucky enough to get their share of 10 units each. Out of total 863,945, the lucky recipients are only 32%. More Details […]

  • Occuvit Capsules: Multivitamin Softgel supplements

    Occuvit is a multivitamin softgel supplement by Orange Healthcare. It is a company; a production house at B-18, Khasra No. 30-23, Naglipoona Extension, Delhi-110036 India. In Nepal, Nu-Derma Enterprises markets this drug. It costs 30 Nepalese rupees per tab. Composition of occuvit It contains numerous vitamins like ascorbic acid 500mg, vitamin E 400mg and zinc […]

  • Calron-D3 tablets: Calcium and vitamin D3 supplements

    Calron-D3 is a product of ALPS Biosciences Limited. It is a dietary food supplement. It is a blend of milk calcium, vitamin D3, iron, folic acid, zinc and magnesium. Like other calcium supplements, this is also a not for medicinal use product. Composition of Calron-D3 The composition of this sub-optimal as compared to other supplements […]

  • Max-cal tablets: # new calcium supplement !

    Max-cal is a brand new brand of calcium, not for medicinal use. It is a product of ¬†Vishaka Nutraceuticals Limited, Haryana, India. In Nepal, its marketing is done by Kushank suppliers, Kathmandu Composition of Max-cal The composition of Max-cal is similar to Calci-cal. Calcium orotate 740mg Cholecalciferol 1000 IU Zinc sulphate 15mg Excipients q.s. Magnesium […]

  • Calci-Cal Tablets are perfect calcium supplements

    Calci-cal is a nutritional supplement by Vishaka Nutraceuticals Limited, Haryana, India. It is a combination of calcium orotate, cholecalciferol, Magnesium, zinc sulphate and other excepients Composition of Calci-cal Kushank Suppliers, Kathmandu, Nepal is the sole marketer and launcher of this product. The composition of this not for medicinal use product is Calcium orotate 740mg Cholecalciferol […]