Calcipam-M softgel capsules: 5 Must Know Facts for all


Calcipam-M is a product of Life vision Healthcare. It is a softgel capsule consisting of methylcobalamin, folic acid, calcium carbonate, and calcitriol.

In Nepal, Abhicom Pharmaceuticals markets the products. The MRP of this product is 304 Nepalese Rupees. Thus each tablets cost you thirty rupees.

1. Composition of Calcipam-M

Each capsule consists of 500 mcg of methylcobalamin, 1.5mg folic acid, 500mg of calcium carbonate and 0.25mcg of calcitriol. This composition is of batch number LSGF-0530.


2. What are the indications ?

Being a nutraceutical, Calcipam-M can be used in multitude of situations. If you have a deficient calcium level, you need this product. Since, this product also contains vitamin D in its active form, it can also be used in vitamin D deficient states.

Additionally, since calcium and vitamin D are essential for bone growth and regulation, this product can be used in any fractures around the body. Yes, we mean any fracture of any bone in the body.

Another indication is old age. As you age, your bone becomes weak, you need to have this product as you cross 50 years of age. For post menopausal women, it is a must to prevent early osteoporosis.

Also, methylcobalamin in this product also helps to address tingling sensations in your body.

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3. Side-effects of Calcipam-M

Being a nutraceutical, this product doesn’t have much side-effects. However, you may experience nausea and bloating occasionally. Other peculiar side effects like rashes or hypersensitivity are rare.

Directions for Use

Take this medicine with ample amount of water. Take it after your meal twice or thrice daily depending on your prescription.

What to do if you forget to take your regular dose?

If you forget to take your regular dose of Calcipam-M, take it as soon as you remember it the next time. We do not recommend doubling or trebling your regular dose.

Also, contact your physician for the time regarding intake of this supplement, as these are no for long time consumption.

Safety Concerns 

Do not take this nutra with alcohol. This medicine is safe in pregnancy and lactation. You can use this drug while driving. This drug is safe in kidney and liver diseases.


4. FAQs

What is the use of Calcipam?

This is a supplement for increasing calcium and vitamin levels in your body. Your physician will prescribe this drug for generalized bone pain and low back pain

How long does it take to work?

Being a nutraceutical, will take at least 2 weeks for showing effect. Hence, you need to be patient and consume this drug as per your doctor’s prescription

Is this drug safe?

In most of benign conditions, this supplement is safe. If you have co-morbidities, you must, however, consult your physician.

What is the best time to take Calcipam?

The best time to take this proprietary medicine is after large meals both in the morning and night.

Will I have to take pantoprazole while using this drug?

Your doctor may prescribe PPI alongside this drug. However, compulsory intake is not mandatory. This drug is safe in almost all scenario.

Can I stop taking Calcipam if I feel better? 

We don’t recommend this. If you stop taking this medicine abruptly, there may be rebound symptoms and discomfort. Consult your physician before stopping this drug.

Does this drug cause weight gain? 

No!, there are no reports citing weight gain while intaking this drug. So, consult your doctor for any weight gain concerns.

What other dietary changes should I make while taking this drug? 

We recommend you take a lot of fibers, decrease excess oil and fat consumption. Refrain from caffeine and carbonated beverages. 

Is Calcipam-M addictive?

Till date, no addictive properties of this drug are present. You can safely take this drug.

5. Our summary about Calcipam-M

  • Use this product judiciously
  • Always get a physician’s prescription before buying this drug
  • Dose: 1-2 tablets per day or as decided by the physician
  • Please! drink enough water while taking this supplement.
  • Immediately, consult your physician incase of any adverse events
  • Marketer: Abhicom Pharmaceuticals Private Limited.
  • Price of this product: 304 Nepalese Rupees.

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