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  • Orthopaedic MCQs: Basic sciences and Anatomy Set 1

    In this post, we present you a list of 25 orthopaedic MCQs. These are actually regarding basic sciences and anatomy Question 1: What are the four joints that have intra-articular components to the metaphysis? a. Shoulder, ankle,wrist and hip b. Hip, elbow, shoulder and ankle c. Knee, hip, elbow and ankle d. Knee, wrist, elbow and […]

  • What is the gene involved in clear cell chondrosarcoma?

    What is the gene involved in clear cell chondrosarcoma? a. USP6 b. PAX3 c. ASPL d. ATF1 [expand title=”Answer” swaptitle=”Close”] Correct answer id D . ATF1 is involved in clear cell chondrosarcoma. EWS is also involved in various forms of chondrosarcoma, which is not the option in the above question USP6 is involved in aneursymal […]

  • Nerve compression in quadrilateral space syndrome: MCQ

    Question 4: In quadrilateral space syndrome, which of the following nerves is compressed? a. Axillary nerve b. Radial nerve c. Profunda brachii artery d. Circumflex scapular artery [expand title=”Answer” swaptitle=”Close”] The correct answer is “a”. There are three spaces in the axilla; triangular space, quadrangular space and the triangular interval. Quadrilateral space syndrome is due […]

  • Joints with intra-articular metaphysis: MCQ

    Question: What are the joints that have intra-articular components to their metaphysis? Options: a. Shoulder, ankle, wrist and hip b.Knee, hip, elbow and ankle c. Hip, elbow, shoulder and ankle d. Knee, wrist, elbow and ankle [expand title=”Answer” swaptitle=”Close”] The correct answer is ‘c’ Synovial Joints that have intra-articular metaphysis are hip, elbow, shoulder and […]

  • Most common primary malignant bone tumour?

    Most of us may get confused about the most common primary malignant bone tumour. Some say it is multiple myeloma while some other may think it is osteosarcoma.

  • IOM 2074 Remembered Questions

    Dear All, We have added a compilation of remebered questions of Institute of Medicine (IOM )  MD/MS entrance of 2074. There were 100 questions with majority coming from medicine, anatomy and pharmacology. We hope you enjoy these questions. These are memory based questions of IOM PG entrance exam 2074 held on 2074 Chaitra 17 from […]

  • Where is the external opening of Branchial cyst present in the neck ? MCQ

    This is a question regarding the external opening of branchial cyst Question: In branchial cyst, the external opening is: a. Lateral pharyngeal wall b. Behind the tonsil c. Lower 2/3rd of neck d. Upper 1/3rd of neck Ans: D upper 1/3rd of neck Explaination : Branchial cysts aka Branchial cleft cysts are congenital epithelial cysts, […]

  • Cochlear Implant MCQ

    Cochlear implant related MCQs are often asked in the boards . The pre-requisites of this type of implant, their real indications and contraindications are a must know, if you want to ace the boards. MCQ on cochlear implant Cochlear implant is to be done if following is intact? a. Outer hair cell b. Inner hair […]

  • Is apo-CIII an LPL inhibitor? Find out more

    Lipoprotein lipase inhibitor or LPL inhibitor is one of the important topics to know if you are a med student. By now most of you might have heard that APO-CII is an LPL activator. But what about LPL inhibitor? Question: Which of the following is an LPL inhibitor? a. ApoA-I b. ApoC-II c. ApoC-III d. […]

  • Do you know how much iron in one pint RBC?

    My friend asked me “Do you know the amount of iron in one pint RBC?”  I had no idea. literally. As I googled, I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer.  I didn’t stop my search for this query and referred standard medicine textbooks, but in vain. I then asked my professor the next day of my […]