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  • Total number of postgraduate seats in 2020 (2077)

    The available number of postgraduate seats in 2020 are 1035. This is only for MD and MS aspirants. Similarly, 72 seats are available for dental majors. Considering, the nursing arena, there will be 173 seats in total. We ought to describe other seats in detail in upcoming texts. Since, the medical education commission is the…

  • Notice for Postgraduate Entrance Examinations 2020 in Nepal

    The Medical Education Commission (MEC) has published official notice for postgraduate entrance examinations 2020. The exact date of the examinations will come later. Meanwhile, this notice is effective since September 12, 2020. After much hype and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this exam finally comes to limelight. Almost, over 15,000 graduates in medial field will…

  • Syllabus for MD MS Entrance Examination 2020

    Starting this year, new syllabus for MD/MS entrance examination 2020 (2077)  will be taken by medical education commission (MEC). This syllabus was approved by board meeting of MEC on 18th September, 2019. This syllabus is valid from the academic year 2020 AD or 2077 BS only in Nepal. MD/MS Entrance Examination Format There will be…

  • MCQ about versican

    MCQ about versican

    Versican is a proteoglycan found in the inner layer of annulus fibrosus.

  • NDHS 2016 : Overall Report, Indices and Results

    NDHS 2016 : Overall Report, Indices and Results

    NDHS 2016 is the latest version of national demographic and health survery done under the guidance of Ministry of Health of Nepal. It is a successor to NDHS 2011.

  • Contraceptive Methods in Nepal

    There are plenty of contraceptive methods in Nepal. In this article we provide you an outlook into the  usage, history, types, benefits,beliefs about the use of contraception in Nepal.