Cochlear Implant MCQ

Cochlear implant related MCQs are often asked in the boards . The pre-requisites of this type of implant, their real indications and contraindications are a must know, if you want to ace the boards.

MCQ on cochlear implant

Cochlear implant is to be done if following is intact?
a. Outer hair cell
b. Inner hair cell
c. Spiral ganglion cell
d. Auditory nerve

ANs == D (Auditory nerve)

Cochlear implantation are designed to help severely to profoundly deaf adults and children who get little or no benefit from hearing aids. – FDA

After its advent in 1961, it has become a popular prosthesis for those with severe hearing impairment. The most common method of inserting a cochlear implant is mastoidectomy with facial recess approach (MFRA).

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Indications for cochlear implant

Having severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss in both ears
Having a functioning auditory nerve
Having good speech, language, and communication skills
Not benefitting enough from other kinds of hearing aids
Having no medical reason to avoid surgery

Contraindications to cochlear implantation

deafness due to lesions of the eighth cranial nerve or anywhere in the brain stem.

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