Brief history of Civil Service Hospital of Nepal

The history of Civil Service Hospital of Nepal is glorious. Since its inception back in 2008, this hospital is expanding its services and the number of patients served. There has been lot of internal struggle in reforming to today’s shape.

history of civil service hospital
The Current appearance of civil service hospital reflecting its glorious history

Brief history of Civil Service Hospital of Nepal

This 132 bed hospital was gifted by the People’s republic of China to Government of Nepal on 2008. To be more precise the date of handover was November 14, 2008 (29th Kartik, 2065). Our country has numerous active and retired civil servants. Hence, the need to take care of the health of these personnel was first envisioned by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba.

March 29, 2009 (16th Chaitra, 2065) embarks the start of OPD services in this hospital. January 21, 2010 is another special date as inpatient services start in this hospital.

There are multi-speciality services in this hospital, which also has a history to speak some words. Initially there were a few consultants. Later, with the decision of the management board to expand vacancies manifested with impact.

history of civil service hospital of Nepal

With exceptions to cardio-thoraciac, vascular, plastic and neurosurgery most of the services are available. Some of these services are neuro medicine, hepatology, cardiology, general surgery, orthopaedics, ear nose and throat (ENT) surgery.

Respiratory medicine (Pulmonology) services along with pulmonary function testing are running since one and half year. The hematology services, by Dr. Bishesh Poudyal and team is expanding more and more in terms of services and the outcomes of patient.

Why you need to know about the history of Civil Service Hospital of Nepal?

Besides, the central hospital run by the government, Civil service hospital is and example in management and service delivery. So, how? Most of the central level hospitals are under direct government funding and management. This is exception to civil hospital because it is run by the management committee which has all the powers. The government doesn’t provide any donation to this hospital. Only the equipment purchasing cost is beared by the government. The rest, including salaries of all staffs, maintenance costs, lab and pharmacy are all the responsibility of the hospital itself.

So, what we want to conclude is that besides being a government owned hospital, Civil Service Hospital is the only hospital providing services in a private type model. Its glorious history of inception, management and expansion is exemplary. We would like to wish all the best for the overall success of this hospital in coming days and a soon start of the proposed expansion too!

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