Do you know how much iron in one pint RBC?

My friend asked me “Do you know the amount of iron in one pint RBC?”  I had no idea. literally. As I googled, I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer.  I didn’t stop my search for this query and referred standard medicine textbooks, but in vain.

I then asked my professor the next day of my rounds and he said,”upon my experience, 1 unit of blood contains about 250 to 300 mg of iron”

Answers you will find on google about how much iron in present in one pint of blood

 iron in one pint RBC

  1. This image is  copied from NIH Clinical Center [LINK]. This is quite good reference. According to this site, one pint of blood contains about 250 mg of iron.
  2. Yahoo answers [LINK] also enlists the same findings. Hope you are good to go

Question I was asked

A unit (250-300 ml) of packed RBCs contains how much iron?

a. 50-100 mg

b. 100-150 mg

c. 150-250 mg

d. 250-300 mg

Correct answer : D : 250-300 mg

Hope this helps you all! Cheers

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