National Trauma Center during the COVID-19 Pandemic

National Trauma Center is providing its best services even amidst the global COVID-19 crisis. Every patients have been entertained during this lockdown and all health workers are devoted to provide specialized trauma care.

What servcies are available at National Trauma Center during this COVID 19 pandemic? 

You can expect to get all the services that this government hospital provided in the yesterdays before the lock down. The hospital provides all the non-operative and operative management of any fractures sustained through out the body. This includes neurosurgery services as well.

All health workers including residents, nurses, medical officers, consultants have provided their services in two groups starting last week. Everyday emergency operations involving limb salvage for open fractures are being done. OPD services are run throughout the week on a unit basis.

Schedule of OPD services at Trauma Center, Kathmandu during the COVID-19 pandemic

Since, Trauma center is a large volume orthopaedic and trauma center, the administration has resumed the OPD services to facilitate new and follow up OPD services. Up to 100 OPD tickets are being issued daily for all patients in first come first serve basis. Unit 1 is providing OPD services every Sunday and Wednesday. Unit 2 is serving every Monday and Thursday while Unit 3 is doing the same every Tuesday and Friday.

What kind of emergency services can you expect at National Trauma Center during the lock down

During this state of lock down thousands of patients have benefited themselves. Elderlies with inter-trochanteric fractures, children with supracondylar fractures and all other patients with multitude of orthopaedic and trauma complaints have received appropriate operative and non-operative treatment.

If you have been scheduled for operative management, you need to go for a RT-PCR test for COVID-19 before being admitted or before being taken to the operation theater for further management. The RT-PCR samples (nasopharyngeal swabs) are taken by trained health personnels everyday after 10 am. These samples are sent for analysis to Bir Hospital. Reports are delivered the same or the alteranted day depending upon  the number of samples.

If you test positive for COVID-19 for your orthopaedic ailment, you will be referred to another hospital because the government has designated other hospital like Institute of Medicine, IOM as the COVID-19 center.

FAQs about National Trauma Center

  1. Is 24 hours service available?
  2. Who is the current Medical Superintendent?
    Dr. Santosh Paudel (Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, 1oth level) is the current Medical Superintendent 
  3. How may units are there in National Trauma Center?
    Currently three 

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