Nerve compression in quadrilateral space syndrome: MCQ

Question 4: In quadrilateral space syndrome, which of the following nerves is compressed?

a. Axillary nerve

b. Radial nerve

c. Profunda brachii artery

d. Circumflex scapular artery

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The correct answer is “a”.

There are three spaces in the axilla; triangular space, quadrangular space and the triangular interval.

quadrilateral space syndrome
Schematic diagram of the axillary spaces

Quadrilateral space syndrome is due to the compression of axillary nerve and posterior circumflex humeral artery.

Radial nerve is present in triangular interval or lower triangular space. Profunda brachii artery is also present in this interval. This space is also known as lower triangular space.

There is another space in axilla called the triangular space. It lodges the circumflex scapular vessels.  There are no major nerves in this interval



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