Syllabus for MD MS Entrance Examination 2020

Starting this year, new syllabus for MD/MS entrance examination 2020 (2077)  will be taken by medical education commission (MEC). This syllabus was approved by board meeting of MEC on 18th September, 2019. This syllabus is valid from the academic year 2020 AD or 2077 BS only in Nepal.

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  1. Completed MBBS or equivalent from institutions recognized by Government of Nepal
  2. Registered in Nepal Medical Council or applicant’ s own country (for foreign residents)
  3. One year experience in institutions recognised by Ministry of Health and Population
    1. Except for MD General Practice and MD/MS in Basic Medical Sciences


MD/MS Entrance Examination Format

  1. There will be 200 questions. Each question will have four options
  2. There will be single correct answer 
  3. The duration of exam is three hours
  4. One voluntary toilet break will be allowed during this period; but only after the first hour
  5. Exam format as per the syllabus will be Recall:Understanding:Application = 30:50:20

Syllabus for MD/MS Entrance Examination 2020: Details according to subject

syllabus for md ms entrance 2020
Subject Marks
Medicine 18
Surgery 18
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 12
Paediatrics 12
Orthopaedics 10
Otorhinolaryngology 10
Opthalmology 7
Psychiatry 7
Radiology 7
Dermatology 7
Subtotal 115
Anatomy 12
Physiology 12
Pathology 10
Pharmacology 10
Biochemistry 8
Microbiology 8
Subtotal 60
Community Medicine 6
Research Methodology 4
Forensic Medicine 5
Mandatory CPD (Medical ethics, rational use of drugs, infection prevention, BLS/ACLS, communication skills) 10
Total 200
Table showing the syllabus for MD/MS entrance examination 2020

Hence, the weightage of clinical subjects will be more i.e. 57.5 % questions will come from clinical subjects. 30% will be covered from basic sciences. 25 questions i.e. 12.5% will come from miscellaneous subjects, as shown above.

Faculties that will be available as a result of these examinations

One needs to secure at least 50% in the entrance examination to claim him/her self in the merit list. The recognized faculties are

Doctor of Medicine

  1. MD Anesthesiology
  2. MD Dermatology
  3. MD internal medicine
  4. MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
  5. MD Opthalmology
  6. MD Paediatrics
  7. MD Psychiatry
  8. MD Radiodiagnosis
  9. MD /MD Clinical Biochemistry
  10. MD / MD Clinical Pharmacology
  11. MD / MD Clinical Physiology
  12. MD Community Medicine
  13. MD Forensic Medicine
  14. MD / MD Clinical Microbiology
  15. MD / MD Clinical Pathology
  16. MD Radiation Oncology
  17. MD General Practice and Emergency Medicine

Masters in Surgery

  1. MS/ General Surgery
  2. MS / MS Clinical Anatomy
  3. MS Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery
  4. MS Otorhinolaryngology and Head, Neck Surgery

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