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  • Apley nutraceutical tablets in Nepal: 10 facts to use them

    Apley tablet is a newcomer in Nepalese nutraceutical market. It is a product by Atulya Medilink. It is a perfect blend of calcium, multivitamins, minerals and prebiotics. Apley is the first brand containing Calcium bisglycinate, Berberine and policosanol in Nepal. 1. Constituents of Apley tablets Calcium bisglycinate is present in the amount of 1000mg in […]

  • Calcipam-M softgel capsules: 5 Must Know Facts for all

    Calcipam-M softgel capsules: 5 Must Know Facts for all

    Calcipam-M is a product of Life vision Healthcare. It is a softgel capsule consisting of methylcobalamin, folic acid, calcium carbonate, and calcitriol. In Nepal, Abhicom Pharmaceuticals markets the products. The MRP of this product is 304 Nepalese Rupees. Thus each tablets cost you thirty rupees. 1. Composition of Calcipam-M Each capsule consists of 500 mcg […]

  • Calfect Supplements in Nepal: 4 must know things

    Calfect Supplements in Nepal: 4 must know things

    Calfect is a softgel supplement from EGEO pharmaceuticals, India. It is a blend of Calcium carbonate, cholecalciferol, Magnesium oxide and zinc. Hence, we categorize this as a very normal calcium supplement. 1. Composition of Calfect There is 500 milligrams of calcium carbonate in Calfect. Cholecalciferol in the quantity of 0.25mcg is present. Similarly, 40 milligram […]

  • OG-CAL-QD tablets are the most powerful blend ever

    OG-Cal-QD is the best blend of calcium, vitamin and mineral supplements. It is a new comer in both Indian and Nepalese market. Its a proprietary molecule by Sadhvi healthcare private limited. Composition of OG-CAL-QD Calcium Carbonate 500 MG Calcium Aspartate 500 MG Magnesium Sulphate 100 MG Vitamin C 100 MG Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 Mg […]

  • Mega-Cal is new calcium supplement but sub-optimal!

    Mega-cal is a newer version of existing product Calci-cal. Enterprenuers have come up with a new composition this time . It is also a product of Vishanka Pharmaceuticals. One should be aware that it is not a prescription product (like Sendose, Calron-D3), hence you can purchase it from any store. Just to joke! these are […]

  • Calron-D3 tablets: Calcium and vitamin D3 supplements

    Calron-D3 is a product of ALPS Biosciences Limited. It is a dietary food supplement. It is a blend of milk calcium, vitamin D3, iron, folic acid, zinc and magnesium. Like other calcium supplements, this is also a not for medicinal use product. Composition of Calron-D3 The composition of this sub-optimal as compared to other supplements […]

  • Max-cal tablets: # new calcium supplement !

    Max-cal is a brand new brand of calcium, not for medicinal use. It is a product of ¬†Vishaka Nutraceuticals Limited, Haryana, India. In Nepal, its marketing is done by Kushank suppliers, Kathmandu Composition of Max-cal The composition of Max-cal is similar to Calci-cal. Calcium orotate 740mg Cholecalciferol 1000 IU Zinc sulphate 15mg Excipients q.s. Magnesium […]

  • Calci-Cal Tablets are perfect calcium supplements

    Calci-cal is a nutritional supplement by Vishaka Nutraceuticals Limited, Haryana, India. It is a combination of calcium orotate, cholecalciferol, Magnesium, zinc sulphate and other excepients Composition of Calci-cal Kushank Suppliers, Kathmandu, Nepal is the sole marketer and launcher of this product. The composition of this not for medicinal use product is Calcium orotate 740mg Cholecalciferol […]

  • Calcium Sendose : Dietary Supplement for your daily boost

    Calcium Sendose : Dietary Supplement for your daily boost

    Know more about calcium sendose