Vestige Krill Oil by Vestige Prime: Everything you need to know

Vestige krill oil

Vestige Krill Oil also known as vestige prime krill oil is a nutraceutical by Vestige Marketing Private Limited. Vestige is the largest MLM (multi-level-marketing) in India and is in the market since 2004.


Vestige Krill oil is a nutraceutical and has health benefit in a number of conditions. Krill oil is a type of fish oil. However, it is specific because it is extracted from krill.

Vestige Krill oil

Krill is a small red crustacean found in the Antarctic Ocean. It belongs to the phylum Arthopoda. This phylum also contains crabs, lobsters and shrimps.

Constituents of Vestige Krill Oil

Vestige Prime Krill Oil appears as a soft gelatin capsule and contains 500mg krill oil (Euphasia superba) in each capsule.

It is a blend of omega-3 fatty acids along with phospholipids and astaxanthin

Energy from each capsule is about 3.49 Kcal.

Other ingredients are gelatin, sorbitol and methyl paraben(preservative).

ConstituentsPer capsule (Approx)
DHA30 mg
Carbohydrates130 mg
Energy3.49 Kcal
Vestige krill oil


  • Heart Health
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Oxidative Stress

Vestige Krill Oil For Heart Health

This brand of krill oil contains ample amounts of EPA and DHA, both of which are omega 3 fatty acids. These constituents are good at lowering your bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and increasing HDL levels. Since, it reduces the amount of cholesterol in blood, there is decrease in thickness of your blood. By virtue of this effect, your chances of getting clots in your heart decreases.

For bone and joint health

Several studies prove that vestige prime krill oil is beneficial to your bone and joints. By reducing inflammation, it decreases pain. Hence, it is of use in disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

For premenstrual cramps

Several studies favor the use of krill oil in premenstrual syndromes. They are beneficial than calcium supplements for this condition.

As an antioxidant

Since, this krill oil contains astaxanthin, it helps reduce your oxidative stresses. This will also help to decrease ageing and reduce inflammation in your body.

This is all possible by reducing free radical damage to your body.

FAQs about Vestige Krill Oil

1. How many capsules does it contain?

There are 30 capsules in each bottle. These are soft and appear fleshy red.

2. What does krill mean?

In Norwegian krill means “whale food”. This means that these are small creatures, which are a source of food to many marine whales and fishes.

3. How much time does Vestige Krill oil take to show effect?

It takes a minimum of 10-15 days for this krill oil to show effect.

4. When to avoid this drug?

You must avoid Vestige krill oil in some conditions. The first one is during pregnancy and lactation. Though there are lack of studies supporting the role of krill oil in these conditions, it is better that you take precautions.

Secondly, if you have some bleeding disorders, you must avoid this drug. The blood thinning property of this supplement may augment your bleeding disorder. Stay safe from Krill oil if you have bleeding tendencies.

Lastly, if you are going to have surgery within a week, it is better that you stop this nutra product. Bleeding is a grave complication in every surgery, and you must not take anything that increases this tendency.

5. What should you not take with Vestige Krill oil?

You must not take anti-platelet agents like aspirin, clopidogrel, enoxaparin, heparin, warfarin or vice-versa. Taking this may lead to synergistic action and an overt bleeding tendency.

6. Do I need to check my heart often while using this drug?

First, you must not take Vestige Prime Krill Oil if you are a heart patient. This supplement is for those who want to defer cardiovascular diseases. In those patients with confirmed heart disease, follow the guidelines of your physician.

7. Do I need a prescription?

No, you do not need a prescription for this Krill oil. It is easily available on all vestige stores.

8. What is the cost of this supplement?

You must be a distributor of Vestige marketing before buying this supplement. In Nepal, it costs 2100 rupees for 1 bottle. To be a distributor and to leverage the marketing plan of this company, comment us below or at our facebook page.

9. Should I take any other medicines with this supplement ?

There is no need to take any other drugs with Vestige Prime Krill Oil. This is a supplement only.

10. Does it increase libido ?

Currently, research is inadequate about libido and its relation with krill oil

11. Can I take Vestige Krill Oil in COVID-19 infection ?

Since, Krill oil is rich in fatty acids, it may help in immunity and help you fight against COVID.

Ending thoughts about Vestige Krill Oil

krill oil by vestige
  • Use this product judiciously
  • Get good advice from your upline before using this supplement
  • Please take only 2-4 tablets per day. Don’t overdose.
  • Please! drink enough water while taking this supplement.
  • Immediately, consult your physician incase of any adverse events
  • You can well tolerate this medicine. But, you must take in time. 
  • Avoid beverages, alcohol and smoking while taking this drug for best results.  

Though medical professionals have written this content, you must take these for informational purposes only. We request to consult your physician before using any drug and supplements mentioned in this portal.

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