We are NEPDOC !

we are nepdoc

Yes! we are NEPDOC. We are an startup stemming from years of creative thoughts and a beautiful vision.

Nepdoc was created with a vision to incorporate multitude of sectors   and niche under the medical field in a single platform.

Our mission is to deliver something new and productive in your daily life. We aim to include articles, blogs, news and discoveries to aid you during your recreation as well as productive period.

Mission, Vision and Goals of Nepdoc

We are professionals from the medical field. We will be including articles, tips , suggestions, experiences about success.

We shall be enlisting the minor details about how to live life full of energy and enthusiasm. Not just health, at NEPDOC, you will be able to lead a healthy life and oppurtunities to invest on your health. Yea! that means both health and wealth.

Currently we will be working in Nepal. But our plan is to expand in many regions of SEAR and beyond. You might ask, what kind of professionals are there in Nepdoc ? Yes, there are experienced professionals from medical field.

And this includes doctors, nurses, paramedics, students and other peoples.

We have a long term vision and you will be finding minor details of everything you wish. Nepdoc will be serving through the web and shall become cross platform very soon. Most of our contents will be free while some will be subscription based.

Medical Contents in Nepdoc

You will be finding a variety of medical contents in this website.

We will be including minor and mystifying details about common things. We will be describing about diseases, discoveries, medicines, doctors, discoveries. We are professionals with a keen interest in studying and updating ourselves. You will be finding these reflections in our upcoming posts.

Nepdoc is not news. Our wish is to cover only positive aspects about the things you care and enjoy about the Nepalese medical field.

Wishing you all the best from Nepdoc team.