Pantop 40mg by Asian Pharmaceuticals: A Review

Pantop 40mg is an oral only pantoprazole by Asian Pharmaceuticals. It is a proton pump inhibitor. Pantop 40 acts by inhibiting H+/K+ ATPase in the stomach. It is one of the most popular drugs in Nepal. We assume this prescription to be more than 5 million per year. This has been possible due to its catchy name and familiarity amongst all doctors. 

When to take Pantop 40mg ? 

Your physician may prescribe this medicine on several occasions. The most common one is a pain abdomen due to peptic ulcers. You may have to take for a month or two for this condition. Your doctor may prescribe once or twice daily depending on the severity.

 Besides that, it may be a part of a triple regimen for treating Helicobacter pylori infection as well. It is also a choice in stress ulcers, bleeding ulcers, GERD and Zollinger Ellison syndrome. Doctors also use this drug for prophylaxis of aspiration pneumonia

Pantop 40mg can be taken by children more than 5 years and adults of any age. It may be taken for one year. Studies more than one year on the use of this drug are lacking. It can also be taken by pregnant women, because it is category B. However, ask your physician before consuming in lactation period. Studies on use of this drug in lactation is questionable. 

Pantop 40mg

Side effects 

Nausea, abdominal pain and dizziness may be present in 3-5%. Rarely rashes may appear as an adverse effect. Use of more than one year may lead to atrophic gastritis and hypergastrinemia. Long term use may also lead to osteoporosis and decrease in magnesium levels. Rare reports of gynaecomastia and erectile dysfunction can also be found in literature. Consult your doctor to clear any confusion.

How much time will it take to show action? 

As per literature, it will take a minimum of one hour.  At two hours, maximum effect will be seen. The effect  is still half maximal at 24 hours and will last for three days. 

Why is Pantop 40mg superior over other brands of omeprazole. 

Though the mechanism of action is similar, pantoprazole has less affinity for cytochrome P450. Hence drug interactions are less. Further it is more acid stable and has more oral bioavailability. 

Summarizing Pantop 40mg

  • Dose: one daily (preferred) or twice
  • Price: Eight Rupees 
  • License Number: 3721
  • Drug Type: Category C
  • Prescription: Not required
  • Available in: all pharmacies in Nepal; online
Alternate Brands

Panorma (DJPL)


Though medical professionals have written this content, you must take these for informational purposes only. We request to consult your physician before using any drug and supplements mentioned in this portal. 

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