Joints with intra-articular metaphysis: MCQ

Question: What are the joints that have intra-articular components to their metaphysis?


a. Shoulder, ankle, wrist and hip

b.Knee, hip, elbow and ankle

c. Hip, elbow, shoulder and ankle

d. Knee, wrist, elbow and ankle

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The correct answer is ‘c’

Synovial Joints that have intra-articular metaphysis are hip, elbow, shoulder and ankle. The knee and wrist joints don’t have intra-articular metaphysis. They are extra-articular.

Specifically, metaphyses that have extended into the joints are proximal humerus, proximal radius, proximal femur and distal tibia

This concept is very important in the etiopathogenesis of chronic osteomyelitis and septic arthritis. In joints with intra-articular metaphysis, osteomyelitis can transform directly into septic arthritis.

For example, osteomyelitis of distal lateral tibia can propogate to the ankle joint.

intra-articular metaphysis
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