Sunvit 60K : Discover 7 facts about this Vitamin D

Sunvit 60K is a brand name of vitamin D. It is a product from Genetica Laboratory, Bara, Nepal and contains vitamin D 60,000 international units.

All preparations of vitamin D help in absorption of calcium from your stomach. Thus, this fat soluble vitamin helps in maintainence of normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in your body.

Sunvit 60K

1. 6 great Indications

  1. Vitamin D deficiency, namely osteomalacia and rickets
  2. As a supplement in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
  3. Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, as a result of malabsorption
  4. As a supplement in diabetes and cardiovascular conditions
  5. Immunity enhancement
  6. Weakness secondary to musculoskeletal causes

2. Safety concerns

Keep away from the reach of children. Store this medicine in a cool and dry place. Use Sunvit under strict medical supervision only. Avoid it in severe liver and renal disease. This drug is safe while driving. Also, Sunvit is safe in pregnancy and lactation. But we, recommend you consult with your doctor before using in pregnancy and lactation.

3. How to use Sunvit tablets?

You can take Sunvit-60K tablets before or after meals. For adequate absorption, take after a meal. You can take this tablet with either milk or water.

4. Quick tips

  • Take this medicine after meals.
  • Take it weekly unless your doctor prescribes it otherwise.
  • You can well tolerate Sunvit.
  • Avoid beverages, alcohol and smoking while taking this medicine for best results.  
  • Consult your doctor if you don’t see any effect for 2 weeks. 
  • Don’t stop taking this medicine before consulting your doctor. 
  • Call your doctor immediately if you develop edema, decreased urination, severe vomiting and rashes
  • Please avoid this medicine with corticosteroids
  • Avoid missing the dose. In that case, just take it whenever you remember it

5. 12 FAQs about Sunvit 60K

1. What is Sunvit-60K?

Its a brand name of cholecalciferol 60 thousand international units. A product of Genetica labs, it helps in restoring the levels of vitamin D essential for your body.

2. What are the uses of this vitamin D?

Sunvit is a therapeutic aid for rickets and osteomalacia. Besides, you can use it for many types of musculoskeletal problems. It also aids in boosting your immunity.

3. What is the best time to take Sunvit tablets?

Take it before or after meal. We recommend taking after meals. Plus, take it with water. Taking with milk may precipitate acidity and you may have to take PPI for the same.

4. What are the potential side effects.

For general population, without any co-morbidities, you may have no serious adverse effects. Abrupt and high doses may lead to hypercalcemia. So, please consult your physician for more information on this regard.

5. What are the ideal doses of vitamin D according to age?

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recommends a daily supplement of 400 international units of cholecalciferol for Indians. On the other hand, National Institute of Health, USA recommends dose of 400-800 IU per day amongst different age groups.

Similarly, in a recent article, Faustino R Pérez-López, recommends, dose ranging from 600-4000 IU in pregnant women. Link

On the other hand, Calgary vitamin D study reports similar safety profile amongst various vitamin D preparations from 400-1000 IU per day.

You may also like to learn about supplements with high vitamin D constitution, like Arthflex and OG-Cal-QD

6. Can I take Sunvit 60K daily?

If your physician prescribes, you can take it medicine daily. But remember, to take this medicine only for limited amount of time like one week or ten days. Eating too much of this drug can precipitate toxicity.

7. Is there some role of Sunvit on COVID 19 infection?

Vitamin D deficiency may potentiate the effects of Corona Virus infection. Hence, we recommend, taking this drug early in your COVID infection for boosting thy immmunity. You may also like to read this meta-analysis

8. How long should I take Sunvit 60K?

Physicians usually prescribe this drug for 4 to 8 weeks. Some prescribe this monthly. Use it under caution and ample dosing. Thus, consult us or other doctors for more.

9. How much time does Sunvit take to initialize improvement?

This depends upon your body. Some patient report immediate improvement, whilst others take some weeks. So, consult your physician if you don’t see improvement in two weeks.

10. Does Sunvit cause weight gain?

There are various studies about relationship of vitamin D and weight loss. You may see one of them here.

11. Can I take this drug if I am fasting? 

Yes, you can take this vitamin D3 preparation, if you are fasting or even intermittent fasting. 

12. Is injection available for this item?

At the moment of this writing, Sunvit 60K injections are not available. The company may have future plans.

6. Summary: Sunvit 60K

  • Chemical Class: Cholecalciferol IP
  • Manufacturer: Genetica Labs
  • Available in combination: – nope
  • Addiction: None   
  • Bioavailability: 70-80%
  • Metabolism: Liver 
  • Excretion: Faeces, Urine 
  • Therapeutic class: Gastrointestinal 
  • Action class: cholecalciferol
  • Price: Forty Eight Rupees for each tablet
  • License Number: 13283
  • Drug Type: Category B 
  • Availability: In all pharmacies, Online pharmacies in Nepal
  • Prescription Required? : Yes for tablet

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